Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Singapore Part 1 (In and Out of Singapore)

Wonder about Singapore? Wanted to know more about Singapore?
Stay tune with me, I'll tell you all my experience in Singapore here :)

Singapore is an island located right under Johor (Malaysia) if you were to look on map. Singapore is link to Malaysia via 2 bridge, one is call Causeway Link and another were call Tuas / Second Link. Causeway Link were connected to Johor Town which named as Johor Bahru while Second link is connected to Gelang Patah, a town which is less well known.

Singapore is accessible from Malaysia a few ways.
1. Coaches / Buses

For far trip (Coaches)
- Took around 5 to 6 hour roughly from KL to Singapore, not sure about other places. If you were lucky you might even reach in 3 1/2 hours as I tried before personally, but forgotten what company coach was that. X)
- Cost around RM 130 for a round trip.
- If you were like to check on bus fare, feel free to drop by the webpage below. There are few Coach company which is link to this webpage and trust able as I had try this several times myself. Besides, you could also purchase the ticket at the nearest bus station. :)

 ** not promoting but for recommendation only.

For short trip (Buses)
- Via Causeway Link
   - You may consider taking public transport to enter Singapore, there is a few location whereby you can board a public buses like Larkin Bus Station or Johor Causeway Link Custom. If you were to board a bus from Causeway Custom, here are the step. Simple as 1,2,3. 1st destination was City Square, walk to the 3rd floor, near to Old Town there will be an escalator, take the escalator and turn right after it. Follow the crowd and you will be in the custom building. Just follow the crowd and prepare your passport for immigration checking. After immigration checkpoint, follow the crowd and walk straight as well, take the escalator with the crowd to the level below and there you will see all the buses stop. Eventually, all the buses there were waiting passenger to enter Singapore. You just need to ask around and tell them your destination as different bus stop at different place in Singapore such as Kranjit MRT, Woodlands Interchange, Queen St and etc.

- Via Second Link
   - You may choose to board the buses either at Bukit Indah or Gelang Patah. RM 5 from Bukit Indah to Jurong East Singapore, RM 4 from Gelang Patah to Jurong East and for going out, there will be SGD 4 from Jurong East to Gelang Patah / Bukit Indah. Just follow the crowd when you reach the custom and they will lead you to the right path. :)

2. Airplane
- Took roughly 45mins to reach Singapore upon the plane leave the ground from LCCT, vice verse from Singapore too but if you were to take plane back to Malaysia, make sure you are in the right Terminal as Singapore airport have 4 terminal overall. Budget Terminal, Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. Not to worried if you are in the wrong terminal as there is free train available to transfer you to the correct one.
- Prices vary from period.

3. Car
- Took around 4 hours to reach Johor if you were coming from KL and approx another 1 hours to be in Singapore if not jammed but most of the time is jammed, see below... X|